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Welcome to Skyboard Broadcasting, your go-to source for insightful news and engaging content.


SkyBoard Broadcasting is a multidimensional, general interest news gathering, processing and production, and Broadcasting company incorporated in Nigeria. Offices are at No. 8,.Egerton Street, GRA Enugu and No. 9 Adams Street, Ijanikin Lagos.


As in the ways of old, journalism practice shall be a bare-all, leave-none-out and strength-to-strength for the society and institutions of democracy, at all

costs, not minding whose ox is gored. It shall be in favour of paupers and fair minded potentiate, firmly rooted against the oppressor and predator, and seeking the easy route for the trapped to exit the vicious circle of poverty and ignorance. SkyBoard Broadcasting shall know neither tribe nor class, neither friend nor foe, and neither male nor female. Rather, it shall be on the side of the oppressed, the unrepresented and the famished in all facets of life. Signed: Ogazi Igbonekwu Ogazimorah Esq. Editor-in-Chief.

  • . How does Skyboard Broadcasting ensure unbiased reporting?

    • Adhering to Strict Journalistic Standards

      We prioritize unbiased reporting by adhering to strict journalistic standards. Our dedicated team of journalists and experts work diligently to provide accurate and objective information, presenting multiple perspectives and avoiding any personal biases.

  • How can I provide feedback or report inaccuracies in articles on Skyboard Broadcasting?

    • We appreciate your feedback

      We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to report any inaccuracies or concerns regarding our articles. You can reach out to our editorial team through the designated contact channels on our website to provide feedback or report any issues you may have encountered.

  • Does Skyboard Broadcasting have a comment section for readers to engage in discussions?

    • Yes, Skyboard Broadcasting provides a comment section where readers can share their opinions, and provide feedback on articles. We encourage respectful and constructive dialogue among our readers, so comments will undergo admin reviews and approval.

  • Can I search for specific articles or topics on the website?

    • Search for relevant keywords

      Yes, you can use the search bar located on our website to search for specific articles or topics of interest.